Frequently Asked Questions?

Rainbow Realty Group can handle your entire sale and pay you cash money in as little as 3 to 7 business days.

We are able to accomplish this because we view the home, prepare the Purchase Agreement, order a title search and close your property all within one office. We also prepare a new Warranty Deed, Vendors Affidavit & all closing documents in our office.

This simple concept, eliminates the middleman and saves you time and money.
No! When Rainbow Realty Group brings you an offer, the buyer agrees to purchase your home in "AS-IS" condition. You are not required to make any repairs to the property.
No! We pay "TOP PRICE" for your home. That's why so many sellers choose Rainbow Realty Group. When we purchases your home we must consider several conditions which include:
  • Current Market Value
  • Repair Costs
  • Purchasing Costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Holding Costs
  • Resale Cost
  • Resale Marketing Time
  • Investment Yield
No! Rainbow Realty Group will usually pay all normal closing cost of the seller.

These closing cost include:
  • Purchase Agreement Preparation
  • Deed Preparation
  • Title Insurance Fees
  • Vendors Affidavit Preparation
  • Survey Fees
  • Closing Agent Fees
(Please See Purchase Agreement for explanation of which fees are paid by Buyer)
No! Rainbow Realty Group does not charge any commission or fees for their service. Warning: If your home is currently listed with a broker, and you wish to withdraw your property from the market to sell it to Rainbow Realty Group, make sure you are not going to be responsible for paying real estate commission to your current broker.

Get a written release that states that "you will not have any commission due".
That's Easy: Rainbow Realty Group can purchase one home or hundreds of homes. We can purchase your entire portfolio or just your hard to sell properties. Many landlords use Rainbow Realty Group to help plan their retirement or to plan income tax and capitol gain reduction strategies. If you have several properties to sell, please fax a list to our office . . .

Toll Free (877) 357-4931
Yes! We Buy Doubles, We Buy Multi-Family Houses and We Buy Apartments Many landlords use Rainbow Realty Group to purchase their multi-family properties.

If you have a multi-family property to sell, please fax the information to our office . . .

Toll Free (877) 357-4931
Yes! We Condominiums (Condos). Condominiums owners will be required to deliver condominium documents and/or documents concerning restrictive covenants when we purchase the property.
Sorry, At this time we do not have investors seeking mobile homes or any type of modular home that is setting on a rented lot.
Yes! Rainbow Realty Group WILL NOT share your information with anyone who is not an Investor Affiliate in your area.

We DO NOT sell or provide any type of list to anyone.

Your privacy is extremely important to Rainbow Realty Group.

For further information please review our Privacy Policy.
Rainbow Realty Group offers an easy to use home buying service. With our home buying service, we do everything.

You just show us your property and pick up your pay check.

These services include:
  • We prepare Purchase Agreement
  • We research real estate taxes
  • We schedule property inspections
  • We order payoff(s) from lenders
  • We perform property appraisals
  • We work with your insurance carrier
  • We order title insurance
  • We prepare all closing documents
(WE DO IT ALL! Our service is FAST, it's EASY and best of all it's FREE)
The owners of Rainbow Realty Group have been buying, selling, repairing and renting homes since 1974. Since that time we have worked hard to earn the respect and trust of several thousand satisfied customers.

We are licensed Real Estate Brokers who specialize in the home acquisition field. Our knowledge, experience, resources and expertise will make your home selling experience fast, easy and worry free!

It's no wonder why several families and several generations have sold their homes to Rainbow Realty Group.

Why Rainbow Realty Group

  • Top Price
  • No Transfer Fees
  • All Cash
  • Quick Closing
  • No Fix-up Cost. . . We Buy "As-Is"
  • Immediate Sale
  • No FHA or VA Points
  • No Real Estate Commission
  • No Closing Costs
  • You Choose The Move Out Date

Business Hours

Mon. - Tues: 10:00 AM TO 6:00 PM
Wednesday: NOON TO 6:00 PM
Thur. - Fri.: 10:00 AM TO 6:00 PM
Saturday: NOON TO 5:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED